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TRAVEL GUIDE TO SHANGHAI (Výběr taneční podložky)

freeamfva, Úterý, 10. srpen 2021, 03:54 (před 363 dny)


Shanghai is hipper than Hong Kong and more alluring than Beijing. After forty years of stagnation, the city dubbed the Pearl of the Orient and the Paris of the east is undergoing one of the fastest economic expansions the world has seen - the pace of growth is electrifying. In this capitalist mecca it is easy to forget the city's communist past, although an after-dinner stroll round Xintiandi (a new pedestrianised quarter which at night becomes a street party), serves as a surprising reminder when you see the site of the Communist Party's first Congress next to Starbucks. With decadent new bars, the stately colonial building Three on the Bund which houses Armani's flagship store in China, three exclusive restaurants, an art gallery and a spa, the city seems set to recapture its position as East Asia's most thrilling metropolis.To get more news about Shanghai scenic spots, you can visit shine news official website.

Although most parts of Shanghai that you are likely to visit lie to the west of the Huangpu River and its classic colonial riverfront, the Bund, by far the most easily recognizable landmark in the city is the rocket-like Oriental Pearl TV Tower on the east side, in the Pudong Special Economic Zone. The best way to check out both banks of the Huangpu River and their sights is to take the Huangpu River Tour (you can book the river tours at the jetty - daily 8am to 4.30pm).

Nanjing Lu, reputedly the busiest shopping street in China, runs through the heart of downtown Shanghai, marked at its eastern end by the famous Peace Hotel and leading west to Renmin Park, which today houses Shanghai's excellent new Museum.

Shanghai's other main sights lie about 1.5km south of Nanjing Lu in the Old City, the longest continuously inhabited part of the city, with a fully restored classical Chinese garden, the Yu Yuan, neighbouring bazaars and the traditional Huxinting Tea House at its heart.

To the southwest of here lies the marvellous old French Concession, from when France claimed a part of Shanghai with its cosmopolitan cooking traditions. European-style housing and revolutionary relics. Even marks of the Japanese occupation remain, alongside what used to be the Jewish ghetto and the Russian quarter.
The energetic eating and nightlife centre of Shanghai, Huaihai Lu, serves as the area's main artery.

Make sure you visit the People's Square where people gather at sunrise to perform t'ai chi and the city's most famous traditional pharmacy, Tong Han Chun Tang on the Old City's Li Shui Road where glass jars on the counter prescribe such dubious ingredients as dried placenta and dead seahorses, both prescribed for the kidneys.

Further out from the centre remains a scattering of sights. North of Suzhou Creek is the interesting Hongkou Poark, with its monuments to the great twentieth-century writer, Lu Xun. Finally, in the far west are two of Shanghai's most important surviving religious sites, the Longhua Si and Yufo Si.It's worth seeking out the local markets for their value as well as their atmosphere. Once there, haggle furiously as expected, and the bargains will beggar belief. Chinese silks and brocades cost next to nothing at markets and even less to have made up. River pearls go for a song at the Old Town's pearl market on the Li Shui Road, the women behind the counter will string them while you wait. Head to the outdoor antiques market on Dong Tai Lu Road for old lacquered boxes, colourful china and communist memorabilia. Watch out for fakes, though.

When it comes to brands, there's little that Shanghai cannot offer. Nanjing Lu Road, around the corner, is where you'll find labels such as Dior and Cartier, mostly in Plaza 66, Shanghai's second tallest building. Giorgio Armani has just opened at the base of Three on the Bund, and Bund 18, opening soon, will house other designers. Huaihai Road is the next rung down; Xiang Yang Lu Fashion Market is where you'll find the fakes, if you can face being hassled, not to mention jostling with the crowds.

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